Tuesday, March 30, 2010


al-kisah.. ni citer time member² ku rancak mengenakan org kat ym~
Ade la sorang mamat ni.. yg x geti b.m , chatting ngn kitorang...
mmg, kaw kaw la .. die kene,

kat bwh ni antara chat² dorang~

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mustfox: hi
mustfox: i am a amle
mustfox: male
ellysa: wong wong!!
mustfox: and u?
ellysa: im dong
ellysa: dog*
ellysa: wonggg!
mustfox: kong??
mustfox: king mimg
mustfox: i am king
mustfox: u dong?
ellysa: yes i dog
mustfox: sing song
mustfox: i cat
ellysa: lets fight
ellysa: wongg!!!
mustfox: i he cat
mustfox: and u female cat?
ellysa: i she dog
ellysa: wonngggg
ellysa: waurhhh!!
mustfox: i indian dog
mustfox: grrrrrrrrrrrrr
ellysa: ugly dog
mustfox: wht is ur name?
ellysa: my nama kau bodo
ellysa: call me kau bodo
mustfox: my nama Sharath
mustfox: indian mana
mustfox: and u?
mustfox: u ha va cama?
mustfox: can i see ya fassia?
mustfox: yo facia?
mustfox: on a cama/
mustfox: weba cama
ellysa: can u speak englis properly?
mustfox: Yep
ellysa: ur english broken
mustfox: do you have a doubt?
ellysa: repeat ur life first
mustfox: My english is better than yours baby
ellysa: my name is kau bodo
mustfox: fully grammatical
mustfox: error proof
ellysa: call me kau bodo please
mustfox: hi kau bobo
ellysa: sorry call me aku sangat bodo
ellysa: please
mustfox: well where do u belong to?
mustfox: aku sangat bodo
ellysa: one more time please
mustfox: you are aku sangat bodo
mustfox: thats like me
mustfox: ha ha ha
mustfox: you want again?
mustfox: you are aku sangat bodo
ellysa: yes i am
ellysa: yes u are
mustfox: I know that
mustfox: you are
ellysa: do you like play the soap in the toilet?
mustfox: now do u have a cam by any chance?
mustfox: no no
mustfox: only in bathroom
mustfox: not in toilet
ellysa: that what i mean
mustfox: can u speak proper english?
ellysa: so what do U FEEL?
mustfox: toilet? or bathroom?
mustfox: be clear
ellysa: both
mustfox: no i dont like that
mustfox: only bath
mustfox: do u have a cam?
ellysa: mycam is broken and i throw the my window
mustfox: which window?
mustfox: toilet?
ellysa: no,bathroom
mustfox: good
mustfox: if it were toilet
mustfox: i would nt have liked
mustfox: you are aku sangat bodo
mustfox: you are aku sangat bodo
mustfox: ha ha ha
ellysa: what ur status?
mustfox: you have a nice name
ellysa: yes i know that
mustfox: not married
ellysa: why?
mustfox: my status
mustfox: did not get u baby
mustfox: no aku sangat bodo
mustfox: no marriage
mustfox: and u?
mustfox: did u marry?
ellysa: im still single la bodo
mustfox: nice
mustfox: did u *** at least?
ellysa: with you i dont care
ellysa: ha ha
mustfox: have u? or no?
ellysa: little bit
mustfox: and what is your age?
mustfox: little bit means?
mustfox: only *****t?
mustfox: or just between ****?
ellysa: all
mustfox: ok
mustfox: you have got it *********?
mustfox: *****?
ellysa: not ******
ellysa: im afraid
mustfox: not?
ellysa: alamak!
mustfox: why?
mustfox: pregmnancy?
mustfox: baby?
mustfox: and where do u live?
mustfox: i live in dubai
mustfox: if u are in dubai i will fuck u
mustfox: really
ellysa: i live **** kau
mustfox: i will ***
ellysa: u know ****!
mustfox: if u have cam i could have seen ur *****
mustfox: and even ur ******
ellysa: eh kau ta penat ke?
ellysa: show ur web first
mustfox: ok
You have accepted the invitation to start webcam.

sorry for the sengal time.... n bukan aku yg chat~

ellysa: wah so handsome
mustfox: thanks
mustfox: now u
ellysa: handsome in my language muka kau macam babi
mustfox: nice words
mustfox: your boy friend is also muka kau macam babi
ellysa: if u meet ur friend,call her like that
mustfox: u always call ur friend like that?
ellysa: can u say muka aku mcm babi?
mustfox: yes you are muka kau macam babi
ellysa: no,is muka aku mcm babi
mustfox: you are muka aku mcm babi
ellysa: thanks a lot
mustfox: no mention
mustfox: turn ur cam on pls
ellysa: wait i will later
mustfox: no
ellysa: thanks in my leanguage apess gondol
ellysa: say like that please
mustfox: apess gondol
mustfox: to ur father
ellysa: ok,say 6am please
mustfox: 6 am
ellysa: myfriend name i s 6am
mustfox: your friend is 6 am
ellysa: yes yes
mustfox: six am
mustfox: you know what?
ellysa: which u u like apes gondol or 6am?
mustfox: you can never get me
mustfox: i am Sharath
ellysa: which 1 u like apes gondol or 6am?
mustfox: not an apes gondol like u
mustfox: gaandu
ellysa: gondol
ellysa: which 1 u like apes gondol or 6am?
ellysa: can i see ur web again?
mustfox has accepted your invitation to start photo sharing.

mustfox has declined your file transfer.

ellysa: are you awake?
You have sent 1 photo to mustfox.
ellysa: that me
ellysa: how?
mustfox: apess gondol
ellysa: welcome in my language ennukkk!
ellysa: are you there?
mustfox: apess gondol ha ha ha
ellysa: are u busy?
mustfox: you are apess gondol
ellysa: yes i am
mustfox: you are gondol
ellysa: what are u doing?
mustfox: your apess gondol
ellysa: dont play wih my language
mustfox: bye gondol
ellysa: alaaa medenggg
ellysa: ha ha
ellysa: why??
mustfox: your mother alaaa medenggg
ellysa: yes how do you know
ellysa: that my mother
mustfox: alaaa medenggg
ellysa: can i see ur web one more time please
mustfox: no
ellysa: then i will give u fuck me
mustfox: you are not worth it
ellysa: please im begging u
mustfox: sassy
mustfox: thanks
mustfox: bye
ellysa: but ur face muka aku mcm babi
mustfox: alaaa medenggg
ellysa: i like ur face
mustfox: u r alaaa medenggg
ellysa: u r muka aku mcm babi
mustfox: u r muka aku mcm babi
mustfox: ytou mother u r muka aku mcm babi
ellysa: u wan fuck me or not?
mustfox: no
mustfox: but
mustfox: i am sorry
ellysa: why?
mustfox: really sorry
mustfox: really sorry
ellysa: why no?
mustfox: i said your mother your father and all
mustfox: but you did not say
mustfox: i am so so so sorry dear
mustfox: sorry
ellysa: its okayy
ellysa: i forgive u
mustfox: you want my cam?
mustfox: take it
ellysa: yes
You have accepted the invitation to start webcam.

mustfox: i am sorry
ellysa: i like that
mustfox: sorry man
mustfox: you are a male right?
mustfox: can i see u?
ellysa: no
ellysa: im girl
mustfox: please
mustfox: show ur cam
ellysa: trust me
mustfox: please
ellysa: i dont have cam
mustfox: ok
mustfox: give me missed call
mustfox: on
mustfox: 00971505785054
ellysa: okay thanks a lot
mustfox: now
mustfox: please give miss call
mustfox: and where do u stay?
mustfox: which country?
mustfox: bye
mustfox is typing...
mustfox: say soon
ellysa: india
ellysa: Bookmark

hahaha, ni mukanye kat web cam XD~

Friday, March 26, 2010

Your phone is ringing. It's the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?
yaw, wassup~ , aku sihat je~

A random number texts you at 4AM and says "comeoutside." What do you do?
ko buang tabiat ke.... =.="

Whats your favorite thing to do in the summer time?
berlengging~ panas doh... ;D

Do you get jealous of your friends when their taken and your single?
x kesah pun...

You just won 100 mil. What do you buy first?
byr zakat dulu~, then blnje sampai ke ank cucu XD

Do you get overly emotional about small things?
x peduli~

If you were in the hospital, who would you want by your side?
of course la famili ak... tpi sesape nk dtg pun bole~ :D

Do you believe that your first love can be your only love in life?

Do you like Vanilla Coke?

Do you tan easily?
yes I do tan easily which is so f up. =.=" (mende ni *_*)

What does your last text say?
a message from digi... kredit mase berbual anda kurang dr rm2.o0, sila tmbh jmlah anda. -,-

Who's the last person you punched and why?
adawiyah~ ^^

What did you last buy?
dompet baru ^^

Who was your last call from?
my father... =.=.. he said, balik cepat.. x geti2 nk duk umah ke ~_~

If you did a drug test for cocaine would you pass?
Yes !

Are you on any drugs at the moment?
F you , I'm CLEAN okay ?

What are you listening to?

Do you like to wear sweatpants?
err... =.=

Is there anyone you want to come see you?
sesape yg rajin nk dtg.

When showering, do you start the water and then get in, or get in then start?
start the water then get in lol.(ni pun nk tnye ke =.=)

Do you moan in the shower like the people on the Herbal Essences?
what the F , dude =.=' klu ade,.. xpe.. ni tnds dh mcm hotel -5 star~ herbal essence pe kejadahnye~

Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower?
nop , why ?

What are your plans for the weekend?
do assgmnt~.

What were you doing at 4am this morning?
men game

What's the very first thing you do when you wake up?
check my assgmnt , dh siap blum ? haha

What are you wearing on your feet?

Have you ever found someone you really really really liked?

Does anyone think your an asshole?
F u ass hole~.

You wake up, all your hair is gone, your first reaction?
otakkkk~~~~ arg!!!! kepale botak~~~~~ ohtidak.com tros~